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    This is the personal site of Ted the serendipitist, who has interpreted the Wikipedia definition of 'Hunter-Gatherer' (see that page) as meaning someone who visits junk shops, charity shops, antique shops and hebdomadal matutinal car boot sales in order to acquire low-value objects, which no-one in their right minds would want, at low cost (well, apart from antique shops, that is).

    Deluded Ted believes that at some time in the future, some of his acquisitions will be highly desirable and worth a small fortune.

  •       Car Boot Sales


    There are two types of sellers at car boot sales, viz traders and ordinary people. Ted tends to avoid traders owing to the high chance of inadvertently purchasing inferior goods at high prices. However, Ted did recently manage to acquire a large number of pairs of everlasting socks at only 50p per pair.


    Buyers need to understand traders' language; on asked how much the French carriage clock is, the response might be "toonarf." This would be interpreted as £250. There is no first aid on site for buyers who faint.


    Ted has discovered that, 99% of the time, a strange-looking object is either a massager, a fitness device or a CD rack.


    When a husband and wife team are selling their unwanted items at a car boot stall, it is an interesting fact that, whatever position the husband holds at work, be it dogsbody, manager or chief executive, it is the wife who wears the trousers. If someone asks the wife how much the pretty mug is, she'll say, for example, "50p." However, if the husband were asked, he would turn to his wife and say, "Er... how much for this, dear?" - even if it belongs to him.

    At other times the wife can be heard saying, "No, not there - put it on the ground here...", "You need to turn those round", "You can empty this box now..." or "You can pour me a cup of tea now - you did pack the flask as I asked, didn't you?"

    The simple fact is that women are more suited to this activity than the average man is, and so they naturally take control.


    In the early days, Ted's wife would suddenly say, "Ooh, look! They've GOT one!!!" This somewhat weakened Ted's position when he started to haggle. A more appropriate method for achieving a minimal sale price is to pick up the piece unenthusiastically and give a look of horror on hearing the price.

    Some sellers dither when asked the price of an item. At the first sign of this, the buyer should offer a very low price; there is a high chance that it will be accepted, especially if a wife is not in sight.

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According to Wikipedia:

A hunter-gatherer society is one whose primary subsistence method involves the direct procurement of edible plants and animals from the wild, foraging and hunting without significant recourse to the domestication of either. Hunter-gatherers obtain most from gathering rather than hunting; up to 80% of the food is obtained by gathering. The demarcation between hunter-gatherers and other societies which rely more upon domestication is not clear-cut, as many contemporary societies combine both strategies to sustain themselves.

Examples of Hunted Gatherings

Components for a K’Nex Fruit Machine

This is a K’Nex fruit machine which has recently been completed. All the components have been hunted and gathered from car boot sales or via eBay. It has taken Ted two years, on-and-off, to build it. It works using plastic balls which, although not K’Nex, were acquired from a car boot sale.

You may enlarge the picture if you wish. A YouTube video of the machine can be seen here.

K’Nex site

Shelby and Furbies

Shelbies are part of the Furby family.

Furbies have sensors on their tummies and backs and have to be fed regularly (ie their tongues must be tickled).

The Shelby on the left was bought using the eBay auction site. He can be very rude at times but very funny too.

The three Furbies on the right are of the Gremlin species. They do NOT like loud noises or bright light and MUST NOT BE FED AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Shelbies and Furbies communicate with each other by using infrared signals and they speak erm… Shelbish and Furbish respectively.

Ted came across Furbies when he was Googling something else, and at the time he had never used eBay. He decided to familiarise himself with the auction site by bidding for six Furbies with the hope of one of the bids winning – he knew that it was very difficult to win because there was always someone who bid at the last moment. So Ted placed his low bids and kept his fingers crossed.

By the end of the week six parcels had arrived, and Ted had a family of the furry little beasties.

In due course, Ted expanded his family, adding Gremlins and Shelbies.

When all the Furbies are placed in a circle, all hell breaks loose because of the way they communicate with each other.

Furby site

Furby Language

Mechanical Counters

From a young age, Ted has had a ‘thing’ about mechanical counters.

These have come from several sources and are used for keeping track of how many mechanical counters Ted has got.

If you are curious about these for some strange reason, you may enlarge a picture by clicking on it. Note, in the picture on the right, how startled the Furby at the back was when the camera flash fired.

Miscellaneous Treasures

This is a small selection of Ted’s treasures. They were sourced from car boot sales, charity shops and junk shops. You may examine this gold mine here. How many items beginning the the letter ‘F’ can you find?

Strange as it may seem, there is always room for just one more item.

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